185 Commonwealth Road
(Route 30)
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Our Response to COVID-19

Extended Family of Wayland provides quality support for older adults including home care, care management, advocacy and anything else they might need to stay as independent as possible for the rest of their lives.

What makes us unique?

  1. Not part of a national chain – we limit the number of clients we serve in order to maintain high standards of care.
  2. The owners, Victoria and Michael Abend are actively engaged in running the business; we know every client and are available to address any and all concerns promptly.
  3. Clients receive proactive support – we alert clients and families when we see an issue developing; we don’t wait for something to happen and then react.
  4. Support is comprehensive. We are ready to take on any type of need regardless of how big or small and address it efficiently by incorporating it into other services already in place.
  5. Reach agency directors with a simple phone call, around the clock, seven days a week.  No answering service to go through.
  6. Our goal is to support our clients for the rest of their lives – you never have to face leaving your home or apartment.

Our Mission

We help people age on their own terms by offering premium services that promote independence, good health, and engagement in life.


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About us

The Extended Family concept was developed by a nurse in Portsmouth, NH in 2005.  Her goal was to ensure that clients lived the life they want, focused on their families, hobbies, and interests and not on simply getting through each day. We provide guidance and support to help our clients avoid health crises. For clients who find us during a crisis we help them navigate the path to recovery and return to the life they want for themselves.


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At Extended Family we offer support according to your needs, serving as:

  • your caregiver
  • your personal assistant
  • your concierge
  • your handyman
  • your coach
  • your advocate
  • your care manager
  • and more

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Mom is getting accustomed to the idea of [assistance].  Thank you so much for your patience.  It means the world to me to find a way to let Mom live in her own home where she feels most comfortable.


Extended Family of Wayland opened in 2008 as a franchise of Extended Family LLC of Portsmouth, NH.  It has operated as a stand alone agency since late 2009.  Although no longer affiliated, both agencies share the same mission statement and philosophy about aging in a way that maintains independence and encourages a high quality of life.  The Extended Family LLC in Portsmouth can be found at www.extended-family.net.  Barbara Trimble is the founder and owner.