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COVID-19 Response

As you can expect, Extended family of Wayland continues to remain open during this crisis.  The support our clients rely on us for doesn’t disappear in a crisis such as this.  In fact, in some cases it increases.  Here is what we are doing to address care during this challenging time.

Controlling Visits

For clients with personal care needs our caregivers are taking extra precautions.  Keep in mind that the nature of our business calls for the use of gloves and the washing of hands as a foundational requirement for hands on care so it is a question of increased vigilance more than changing our routines.  We are also providing masks where that is appropriate.

For those clients receiving non-personal-care support, many of those visits have been cancelled or shortened to include only necessary support such as laundry or shopping for groceries.  There is no need to provide transportation to do errands and get to appointments when those activities are cancelled.

Keeping our Clients and Caregivers Safe

We take the health and safety of every client and caregiver seriously, and we are committed to making the home the safest place for you and your family.

During this time of uncertainty, we are taking extra precautions to safeguard your health. We’re also focused on keeping our dependable caregivers healthy, so they can continue to provide you with safe, caring, quality home care. We are actively working to train all caregivers in advanced infectious disease training. You can be assured that they know not to report to work if they are sick and they are equipped with gloves and hand sanitizer.  While masks are in short supply we are providing them on an as needed basis depending on the type of care and the individual situation for the caregivers and clients.

We are also checking in with our caregivers ongoing, to be sure their at-home situations are safe and under control o that those who must continue to work can do so with the least amount of stress and risk.

How We Are Helping Clients

Focusing on Prevention:  Reinforcing proper hand-washing, cleaning objects and surfaces, and proper ways to cough and sneeze.

Minimizing exposure:  Since virtually all our clients are currently homebound, their caregivers are providing support that is being limited to the essentials, shopping and necessary errands and some household chores as needed all the while minimizing contact and proximity.  For other clients we are offering grocery shopping and prescription pick-ups, leaving things at the front step and letting them bring it in as we drive off.

Check ins:  for those clients not receiving any visits by caregivers we are reaching out to check on their situation and needs as well as staying in touch with their families, as appropriate.  While we are limited in what we can do, we are prepared to do what we can if an emergent situation arises.

Training and Precautions

Our caregivers are being trained in proper Covid-19 protocols related to both avoiding spreading the virus and what to do if they suspect they or their client is infected.  We are also doing our best to bolster our supply of gloves, masks, and sanitizer.

New Clients

During this period we are still taking on new clients.  Sign-up and screening are being done in a way to minimize contact and to streamline an already streamlined process to fit the circumstances.  We are accepting clients who simply want someone to grocery shop for them or just be available if their situation warrants quick action and their families spread thin.  Please call us to discuss any support you might need and we will do our best to provide it as quickly as possible.