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Apples vs. Oranges: Home Care vs. Nursing Home Care

It is common for an elder with a need for supervision or hands-on care to complain about how much it costs. This can lead families to address the complaint by moving mom or dad to a less expensive setting, such as a nursing home. But often money really isn’t the issue – they are really complaining about losing their old life. And moving to a nursing home puts her even farther away from that old life.

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Lesson 2 from 2011

Just because an elderly person is known for outrageous accusations and for crying "wolf” doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be accurate some of the time. One of our caregivers spent 10 hours Monday through Friday with a particular client. They each felt they had gotten...

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Why does care cost so much?

My last blog post generated a number of comments, mostly on the websites where I posted links, such as LinkedIn.com. Unfortunately, most commenters – all, in fact – did not also post to this blog website. Whenever possible, please comment here so that other readers...

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