185 Commonwealth Road
(Route 30)
Wayland, MA 01778



I am so thrilled with your services. It was so nice to have a vacation and to be able to relax knowing that Dad was being cared for.  Thanks for everything.


“Thank you so much for all your care and kindness over the last months of dad’s life.  We would be honored if Vanessa (his caregiver) could make it to the memorial service.  They had a special bond.”


Our Family is so grateful for all of the assistance, care, and advocacy you provided to our father this past year. Your unending patience and tireless stewardship were a gift to our family.


I want to thank you for the incredible care that you are giving my mother.  It has been so reassuring to know that [Mom] has at least one other “daughter” seeing her on a regular basis and that has relieved my anxiety tremendously!


I’m so happy to be working with Bettina. Her calm presence is making a wonderful difference in my life.


Thanks again for everything.  [Mom] is doing great and it is in no small measure because of [Extended Family]!  It definitely eases the burden (and the guilt) for me as well.  Knowing someone else – someone she trusts and enjoys – is dedicating time with her each week makes me feel better!


Hurray!  Today another ER visit was avoided!  I spoke with my mom again this evening, and she was sounding very good.  She was also thrilled that Recheal got her printer working!


Your service has been a godsend!  Sally and Tracy are both super nice – and fun!  We have raved about you to all our friends!  Thank you for everything!


I just wanted to tell you what a WONDERFUL person Terry is for doing so much with my mom – her hair is beautiful, her nails are done, she went shopping for supplies.  It is fantastic!  I was there on Saturday and Mom was doing well.  She and I were able to spend our time taking a nice drive through Harvard (where we used to live) rather than going shopping for toilet paper!


Thank you for all your help.  You gave us some great direction and comfort when we needed it the most.


[We] are amazed at how much you accomplished with less than a week’s notice, including a handicap ramp and a stair lift.  As much as [Dad] is adjusting to so much company, he likes everyone and knows that without them he could not be living at home.


Mom is getting accustomed to the idea of [assistance].  Thank you so much for your patience.  It means the world to me to find a way to let Mom live in her own home where she feels most comfortable.


Mom is thrilled with how fast you have taken care of some of the changes she has wanted to do in the house for years!  Bob and I are not that handy and she wouldn’t let us do them for her, anyway.  I think it is working out perfectly that she takes your advice and lets you make some of these changes for her to make her life easier.  She isn’t one that accepts change very well, but, she loves working with you!


We just didn’t know what to do yesterday [when we couldn’t reach Mom because] the phone was off the hook. We were relieved to be able to call you to do a check-in and ease our worry.


Thank you so much for your care and attention with Flo. It is very comforting to know that she is being looked after by you and the rest of the Extended Family team. Thanks again for all that you have been doing and keeping us posted on everything!


How was [my mom’s weekend at the Conference in New York]?  SUCCESS!  Mom said one of the best things I’ve done for her is finding Extended Family!


It was SUCH a big relief for me (and my sister) to know you were able to get over to my mom’s on Sunday.  Thank you very much for doing that for us – it made a huge difference knowing someone was able to check in on my mother and to know she was okay!


I really appreciate the help you’ve given my father in all his transitions.  It’s hard when I can’t be there – so the trust and warmth you’ve all provided has really been a terrific support.  So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


It’s hard to let go and trust others to care for your parents.  Extended Family has been a win-win for everyone [in the family].  [Mom and Dad] are happy so we are happy!  Thank you!


Thanks for all you do. You are such a blessing.


And these from our employees:

I’ve never received a [year end] bonus!  You guys do an amazing job and go way beyond what other companies do.  I tell people that all the time.  You both amaze me.  You are excellent to your clients and your employees as well. So thank you for being so wonderful.


Thank you for being “right there” through this crisis with Marjorie.   Hopefully you know by now that I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from my work. Helping others is a passion of mine but the real joy comes from the relationships that grow.  I appreciate your confidence in me and am so thankful to be working with an outstanding company.   I cannot say “thank you” enough for all your support.


Thank you, Michael and Victoria. I am really fortunate to have found you guys at Extended Family and proud to say that I work for you. You guys have been really good to me and my mom [also an employee] and I’ve never really said thank you and how much I appreciate what you do for us. I feel very lucky to work for Extended Family one reason being that I would never have met [Susan and Harry Jones]. I’ve grown so close to them and they treat me as part of the family. They are special people to me and I will always be grateful.