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We all age differently.  Some of us have physical challenges related to strength and balance.  Some are limited by medical issues, perhaps a disease or chronic condition.  Others may face cognitive or memory challenges.  And sometimes it is a combination of more than one of these.  Everyone has their own set of challenges to being independent and with that in mind there is no one solution to everyone’s needs.

Extended Family of Wayland specializes in customizing our support to fit a client’s needs.  It can be personal care or just an extra pair of hands a few times a week or someone to drive into Boston every once in a while.  We don’t have typical clients because everyone has a different set of needs and desires.  Developing a support plan to fit your needs means we spend more time getting to know you.  What you like, what you don’t like, where you prefer to shop, how you like your breakfast prepared, etc.  We then develop a plan of care and expect to adjust it ongoing as your situation changes.

Some examples:

People who live in single family homes or condos:

  • A widower in Wellesley. He can manage all the household chores but since his wife passed away five years ago he has developed poor eating habits, his clothes aren’t getting washed, and the house has gotten messy.

– We provide support with cooking, housekeeping, laundry, shopping, and otherwise restore a ‘woman’s touch’ to his surroundings.

  • An overwhelmed widow in Sudbury whose husband died two years ago. Household chores and the stress of having everything on her shoulders have become too much. She is considering a move to assisted living. Her kids are available but she doesn’t want to be dependent on them.

– We address the home maintenance tasks and enable her to enjoy having her grandkids come play in the same backyard that her kids grew up playing in.

  • A gentleman in Sudbury who is uncomfortable with all the driving he has to do with so many appointments related to chronic conditions as well as errands and shopping.

– We provide someone to drive to appointments and errands. Our nurse can attend some appointments with him as an informed advocate.

  • A couple living in a condo in Lincoln who downsized ten years ago. Unlike their neighbors who occasionally rely on children nearby for support their kids live far away.

– We step into those shoes, helping with the small chores and other “stuff” their neighbors rely on their kids for. Things like moving furniture around, cleaning out a bedroom for an upcoming visit from grandchildren, maybe helping get all the Christmas shopping done.

People who live with family:

  • A woman who has come to live with her daughter’s family in Weston. They have a perfect in-law apartment but she wants to maintain some level of independence from her family. She wants to find a good yarn store, develop some new friendships, and explore local cultural opportunities as well as make her apartment her home.

– We serve as her resource guide, helping her explore the area and find a new set of favorite places to shop and visit so she can maintain her sense of independence.

People who live in assisted living or other senior community settings:

  • A man who used to be hearty and strong has had a decline in recent months and moved into a residence in Framingham. While he has accepted his need for the care available from an assisted living lifestyle he is not ready to “buy in” to all the social and other activities and wants to go out to do things on his own schedule.

– We provide transportation and otherwise allow him to get out on his own and be his own person. With no family nearby we also help when he has to get to the doctor or do some shopping. If he encounters a health crisis we are there to support him until his family can be there.